As the leader of 3D printer companies in the industry, Solidscape develops and delivers 3D solutions for advanced direct digital manufacturing. With our 3D printers and materials, customers can create high-precision wax patterns to be cast in metal, used for mold making (RTV), or even to be pressed in ceramics. Our goal is to change the way parts are made with a simple click, one industry at a time. Learn more about the different applications our three-dimensional printing technologies have.

Jewelry Manufacturing

In jewelry manufacturing, you need to provide your customers with exceptional products and outstanding service. But you also have to run an efficient jewelry manufacturing operation. Whether you’re a large scale global manufacturer or a small local shop, you can do both when you’re powered by Solidscape. Experienced jewelry manufacturing companies know that creating jewelry […]

Wearable Technology

“These MEMI parts are finishing out amazing. Dead on for tolerance and just downright amazing castings from your waxes. This really is groundbreaking stuff here. “ — Jim Hollister, LSR 3D Lab Manager LSR brings MEMI wearable technology to life with Solidscape Wearable technology MEMI is a chic smartbracelet that uses wireless technology to communicate with […]

Reproducing Priceless Artifacts

World-class technology Birmingham City University’s Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre (JIIC), part of the Birmingham School of Jewellery, is internationally respected for its expertise in utilizing highly complex CAD/CAM and laser technologies to provide small-scale product development solutions for companies. “We work in conjunction with local industries to give them access to various high-end technologies that […]

Advanced Biomedical Research

How can doctors and physicians better visualize a patient’s anatomy before they ever operate on that patient? How can researchers create better models to study the human body and analyze complex vessels and structures? How can they make flat 2D images come to life in the physical 3D world?

Leading academic and biomedical research uses patient CT image data to create a computer-based anatomical model and print it on a Solidscape high precision three-dimensional printer. The model is cast in transparent material so researchers can conduct fluid dynamics experiments and prepare treatment protocols.

Disruptive 3D Rapid Prototyping

How can a manufacturer use a new and radically effective way to get things done, transform their process, reduce costs and shorten lead times without a significant tooling investment? Through the use of silicone. But the challenge is to mold a pattern to create silicone tooling that is perfect in every way – detail, finish, repeatability, and castablility.

Because the Solidscape tolerances are so exacting and the surface finish and detail are so precise, a pattern maker can create a part or tool directly from the original 3D printed part with no costly post processing hand finishing.

Industrial Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing

Whether a manufacturer needs to make a few or a short run volume of an item, using industrial additive manufacturing 3d printing for investment casting or master mold making is cost effective. Solidscape’s rapid prototyping machines perfectly produce parts with complex geometries, cavities, overhangs and undercuts that have been impossible to achieve with machining or traditional tooling methods.

Because Solidcape produces the industry’s highest precision models that are suitable for direct casting, manufacturers can reduce their total cycle time from weeks to days while eliminating costly milling processes and post-process finishing.

Micro Precision Casting

When is casting considered “micro precise”? When creating small pieces or working mechanical parts that demand precision. When producing the highest quality surface finish on models with intricate and critical micro details is mandatory. When demanding and complex design geometries (such as angles, curves, cavities, hollows, and varying wall thickness) are required.

Solidscape’s three dimensional printing solution combines the industry’s highest resolution printers with materials that yield 100% castability with no material shrinkage or post-processing required.

Tactile Interpretation and Design

We live in a richly textured, visual 3D world. But how can people with low sight or no sight experience all the details sighted people do? And how can sighted visitors at large museums, galleries and heritage sites better understand the scale and context of them? Though tactile interpretation, museums can create tactile models based on universal design and access for all.

Solidscape’s three dimensional printing generates high quality finished wax originals of such tactile detail, they can move directly into casting, producing detailed, durable and intricate models.

Titanium Spinal Implants

CALIFORNIA MEDICAL COMPANY GOES HIGH TECH WITH CAD/CAM “WE EVALUATED A NUMBER OF RP SYSTEMS AVAILABLE AND DETERMINED THE SOLIDSCAPE TECHNOLOGY TO BE THE ONLY SYSTEM CAPABLE OF FULFILLING OUR NEEDS.” V.P., Southern California Medical Device Company A leading edge medical device company with a complimentary combination of spinal implant and orthobiologic technologies, received FDA […]

Institutes of Learning

Since its inception, Solidscape has supported accredited educational institutions and organizations with special pricing allowances. As a high-tech organization, the company has a strong respect for academia and understands that the knowledge that can be gained through the availability of its products stands to build a safer and more prosperous world for tomorrow. Today’s students […]