Since its inception, Solidscape has supported accredited educational institutions and organizations with special pricing allowances. As a high-tech organization, the company has a strong respect for academia and understands that the knowledge that can be gained through the availability of its products stands to build a safer and more prosperous world for tomorrow. Today’s students will be the cutting-edge scientists, engineers, and artisans of the future.

High-Precision 3D Printing Solutions Open New Doors Within Your School

Schools across the globe know that three-dimensional printing empowers student learning with full-featured, accurate 3D models of their digital designs. Now, you can enrich that learning experience with high-precision 3D printers from Solidscape, the leader of 3D printer companies in the industry. With Solidscape you get the highest standards in surface finish, accuracy, feature detail, and material castability. Solidscape printers and 3D printer software are ideal for the production of:

  • Resolution down to 6 microns
  • Complex and intricate geometries
  • Wax master patterns for mold making and investment casting
  • Dissolvable materials enabling unique secondary processes

Solidscape Printers Make Learning More Hands-On in a Variety of Educational Departments

  • Advanced Research and Development
  • Dental
  • Jewelry and Metal Design
  • Art
  • Animation
  • Foundry Workshops


Featuring the highest precision of 3D printer manufacturers in the industry, Solidscape 3D printers form the backbone of advanced research and development programs at leading universities in biomedical and bioengineering programs, such as vascular and tissue engineering, nano-fluidics, and orthopedic applications.