In jewelry manufacturing, you need to provide your customers with exceptional products and outstanding service.

But you also have to run an efficient jewelry manufacturing operation. Whether you’re a large scale global manufacturer or a small local shop, you can do both when you’re powered by Solidscape.

Experienced jewelry manufacturing companies know that creating jewelry is not just about the 3D printing. It’s about your total workflow process. It’s about investing your time wisely to maximize your profits.

So ask yourself:

  • Why spend your time performing non-value-added activities like adding and then later removing supports?
  • Why waste your time printing your customer’s dream jewelry piece only to have it distort or worse – fail during the casting process?

Isn’t your valuable time better spent working with your customers?

JB Diamonds

JB Diamonds is a family owned and operated business, a fine jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler that has been serving Southern California since 1983.  JB Diamonds 4. smalljpgThey specialize in custom jewelry designing, from concept to finish. Their team of seven master jewelers, two 3D CAD designer, two watchmakers and a graduate gemologist makes them one of the most technologically advanced full service jewelry stores in the area.

“My philosophy is – I don’t want to be in the middle and I don’t want to be on the bottom of the totem pole. As far as the product and the quality, I want to be on the top.”

“I’ve used other 3D machines here and decided to use Solidscape products. First because of the castability of the materials. We don’t have any problems as far as casting with the materials. Second, a major thing – a very important thing – is the Technical Support. That helps us a lot as far as downtime is concerned.”

Jules Barba, JB Diamonds and Fine Jewelry

Pafco Jewelry

Pafco Jewelry is located in the heart of Manhattan’s Diamond District. They handle all aspects of the jewelry manufacturing process with an attention to detail and a strong commitment to providing the best customer experience.

“Pafco uses Solidscape 3D printers, which gives us the resources to fulfill large orders quickly and cost effectively. Our prices for 3D printed models are extremely competitive and our models are superior in quality.”

Paul Kedzierski, President Pafco

“Solidscape basically gives you a great wax for great quality in casting. We receive from our customers different waxes, different plastics probably those machines that are much less expensive than Solidscape. They give you a faster product but when it comes to the casting, it does not give you that high quality that we can get with Solidscape casting.”

Jola Wojcik, Production Manager, Pafco

Carrera Casting

Jewelry Manufacturing at Carrera Casting
Jewelry Manufacturing at Carrera Casting

Carrera Casting in New York City offers expert jewelry casting backed by over three decades of experience in the jewelry industry. Quality, accuracy and timely delivery are critical to their customers.

“Faster technology means that it might grow it faster. But at the same time if it’s not accurate enough like the Solidscape is, you still have to go back and re-do it or re-support it. So you’ve wasted time.”

“Having to put all those supports on models from these laser based or DLP based machines is a waste. What I like about the Solidscape machine is that when I take it out of the machine, it’s ready to go. I don’t have to clip anything; I don’t have to file anything. It’s ready to go. It saves more time this way.”

Tom Manos, CAD/CAM Manager, Carrera Casting

“Managing customer relationships is a cornerstone of Carrera’s success. If you go through all the different technologies and manufactures of equipment you will find pluses and minuses in every one of them.  For us in high-end – for the customer mix that we service – the best mix has been Solidscape. It’s evident by the fact that every year I’m buying another two or three machines.”

Joel Weiss, Founding Partner, Carrera Casting

Delighting customers. Providing exceptional quality. Growing relationships and profits.

That’s why Solidscape sets the jewelry industry benchmark and is the solution of choice for leading jewelry manufacturing companies around the world.