“In jewelry or other industries, the part needs to be precise. Customers don’t want to cast parts that need fixing afterwards.”

–Christian Müller CEO, Horbach, GmbH

When do you need micro precision casting? When you’re creating small pieces or working mechanical parts that demand precision. When producing the highest quality surface finish on models with intricate and critical micro details is mandatory. When demanding and complex design geometries (such as angles, curves, cavities, hollows, and varying wall thickness) are required.

“The most important thing is for our customers to know the castability.  With the Solidscape 3Z Pro it’s perfect,”  according to Christian Müller, CEO of Horbach GmbH.

Horbach’s one-step micro precision casting process was put to the test recently with the demanding challenge to create a finished silver object consisting of five nested, moveable spheres. Solidscape printers were there to provide high-precision three-dimensional printing with some of the best 3D printers and 3D printer software in the industry.


Project Specifications

Model Diameter: Distance Between Spheres: 3D Printer: Wall Thickness: Metal: Materials:
0.8 inches 0.195 inches Solidscape 3Z Pro
.0127mm Z axis resolution
0.28 inch (per sphere) Silver 3Z Model, 3Z Support

“We have cast from aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel and precious metals from the wax cores, all with excellent surface finish and accuracy,” states Christian. “We believe that the quality of the parts is now the best in the world.  Successfully casting this object was only possible with Solidscape.”

Superior Casting Properties

Solidscape® Model material is Solidscape’s most durable material ever with a 23% strength improvement over plusCAST® and over 50% stronger than previous generations.

This increased durability enables designers to incorporate even more intricate details with thinner walls into their work to produce lighter weight finished products with their rapid prototyping machines.

  • 100% castability with no material shrinkage
  • Organic compound with wax-like properties
  • Clean burnout during casting process with no residual ash