“These MEMI parts are finishing out amazing. Dead on for tolerance and just downright amazing castings from your waxes. This really is groundbreaking stuff here. “

— Jim Hollister, LSR 3D Lab Manager

LSR brings MEMI wearable technology to life with Solidscape Wearable technology

MEMI is a chic smartbracelet that uses wireless technology to communicate with the wearer’s iPhone. When an important phone call, text message or calendar alert arrives, MEMI vibrates on the user’s wrist. The vibrations are customizable by type and sender, allowing users to detach from their phones while discreetly keeping tabs on the people and events that matter most to them.

MEMI’s streamlined design requires cutting-edge Bluetooth technology and precision builds. LSR Design Studio was tapped to bring the advanced wireless device from design to reality. For the detailed parts required, LSR turned to Solidscape® 3D printers.

A direct route to finished casting

LSR created multiple sets of wax patterns of the MEMI parts that had been machined from brass. Traditionally, this process would require expensive, time-consuming metal tooling. The Solidscape process, in contrast, provides complex 3D printed industrial part wax masters directly from digital models —  saving time and money and resulting in a better final product.

“The wax patterns were some of the most detailed, quality parts we have seen,” says LSR’s 3D Lab Manager Jim Hollister, adding that the resulting cast metal parts were equally impressive.

Using Solidscape’s high-precision 3D printers to create metal mold faces means multiple castings are a fraction of the cost of CNC parts, lead times are reduced from three weeks to one, and hours of SLA support removal and polishing time are saved, as none are required with Solidscape wax.

Looking ahead

LSR sees a bright future for creating more disruptive manufacturing processes, like metal mold faces, using Solidscape.

“The thing that has us most excited [is that] these are prototype tools that can create production-quality waxes or plastic injected parts in the one to 1,000 range and beyond,” declares Hollister. Partnering with Solidscape integrates “the best of machining, rapid prototyping and creative, outside-the-box thinking.”

As the fashion industry expands further into wearable technology, LSR and Solidscape will be there every step of the way.