Solidscape 3D printers are primarily used to produce “wax-like” patterns for lost-wax casting/investment casting and mold making applications. The 3D printers, combined with our software and materials, will allow you to accomplish any prototyping project and expand your business.

Solidscape 3D printers receive digital input from three-dimensional data files (STL, SLC) and create solid, three-dimensional parts through an additive layer-by-layer process with a layer thickness (mm) from .00625 to .0762 and a resolution of (dpi) 5,000 x 8,000 X, Y, Z. The patterns produced are extremely high resolution with vibrant details and outstanding surface finish that are ideal for 3D printing jewelry needs and more.

Our printers combine drop-on-demand (DoD) thermoplastic ink-jetting technology and high-precision milling of each layer with Solidscape’s proprietary graphical front-end software, 3Z® Works.

Solidscape’s 3D wax printers utilize our proprietary printing technology, SCP® (Smooth Curvature Printing), which enables its systems to deliver the highest precision and surface finish in the industry. Developed to enhance throughput performance up to 25% (depending upon model geometry) and deliver master patterns that stand alone in the industry, Solidscape rapid prototyping machines are the true benchmark of quality.

Solidscape® MAX2

The Solidscape® MAX2 is the high-precision 3D printer for the manufacturing of wax patterns. MAX2 supports higher throughput and delivers very significant production gains for precision designs in 3D printer jewelry, medical, and industrial manufacturing applications.

Solidscape® Pro

The accuracy of the Solidscape® PRO produces models of intricate designs with ultra-fine feature detail and a smooth surface finish that are ideal for wax masters, 3D printer jewelry applications, and more. Solidscape is the leader of 3D printer companies in the industry. Solidscape designs its three-dimensional printing machines with detail and clarity as a high priority.

Solidscape® Studio

The Solidscape® Studio 3D printer for jewelry brings the jeweler’s bench to the retail shop where users of any technical level can produce their own intricate wax patterns, ready for casting. The fully automated Solidscape® Studio marries the passion of fine jewelry design with the power of high-precision 3D printing jewelry technology.

Solidscape® Lab

The Solidscape® Lab is among one of the best 3D printers for sale on the market that helps lab owners hold the line on rising costs while remaining competitive against offshore pricing pressure.



The T76PLUS is the flagship of Solidscape’s BenchMark™ Series of 3D printers. Targeted at traditional manufacturers, larger custom retailers, and high volume service bureaus, the T76PLUS is capable of producing high quality, fully castable wax masters for your most intricate fine designs.



The R66PLUS is the entry point to Solidscape’s BenchMark™ Series of 3D printers. Targeted at the progressive custom retail jeweler, the R66PLUS is capable of producing high-quality, fully castable 3D printer jewelry wax masters for your most intricate fine jewelry designs.



The D76PLUS is the flagship of Solidscape’s new preXacto™ product line of rapid prototyping machines. It is targeted at medium size dental laboratories and is used to produce high-quality castable and pressable restorations.