The Solidscape® Base is a complete platform solution for 3Z® Series high precision 3D printers offering unrivalled Form, Fit and Function.


Ergonomic design provides the perfect height and platform

stability for Solidscape 3Z® Series printers while providing

specialized compartments for critical printer components.


The Solidscape® Base mimics the powerful, award winning
3Z Series printer design with your printer securely nested
within a recessed footprint featuring four anchor points.


The sleek, functional design of the Base includes:

  • High performance Quatro JetStream Dust Collector
  • Voltage Input/Line Regulator
  • Cable and hose management features
  • Storage for printer materials and support items

Result? Improved stability, reliability, and electronics protection for your 3Z printer.

The Solidscape Base is offered at 120V and 230V configurations, and comes with attachable wheels and all required hoses and cables to connect to the 3Z Printer.