To activate the warranty on your new 3Z printer, please complete the following Installation Report:
Register Your Printer  (Warranty claims cannot be processed until the printer has been registered.)


We are compelled to remind our users of the following statement included in our Warranty:

“The use of any parts or materials other than those provided by Solidscape voids this warranty.”

This would include the use of jets and/or build and support materials manufactured and provided by other vendors for use in your Solidscape System. We strongly advise against the use of such parts and materials as they have not been tested and approved for use in your Solidscape System. Without this testing and validation there can be no way to determine what, if any, detrimental effects their use could have on the System.

In the event that these alternative products are used in a Solidscape machine, Solidscape will not be responsible for the functionality of the material delivery and jetting systems, or for any repairs thereto. We will however fulfill our responsibility for service and repairs to all other functional areas of the machine pursuant to the Warranty or Maintenance Service Agreement.

For assistance, it is recommended that you contact the authorized Solidscape dealer from whom it was purchased.